We are justifiably proud of our diverse worldwide client list, and below we have listed details of some of our recent activities. Our client list is confidential and as such the client names are not shown here.

If you require further details just contact us.

Country Equipment Activity
Europe Solar
Centaur & Mars
Inspection service and maintenance
Kenya Westinghouse
Control system troubleshooting
France Solar and Pratt & Whitney Technical assistance during overhaul
Libya Solar and Pratt & Whitney Vibration analyst service
Nigeria RR SK20 Olympus Supply and refurbishment of power turbine
Libya Tank farm Procurement of tank gauging system and PC hardware peripherals
Libya Solar and Pratt & Whitney Supply of spare parts, component repairs
Nigeria RR SK30
In-situ bearing journal repair,rehabilitation of gas turbine unit
Libya ABB GT 35 Survey and maintenance
France Solar T4002 Centaur Supply of accessory drive, gasSplit Shaft generator and power turbine assemblies
Nigeria RR SK30 Olympus Supply of gas turbine controls system
Libya Remote Stations Feasibility study for replacement of telemetry system
Libya Refinery Procurement of oxygen analysers
UK Solar Saturn Instrumentation and control system service
Libya Ruston TB/TA Procurement of spare parts and survey
Venezuela Westinghouse W191 Supervise overhaul and start-up
Malaysia Hitachi Steam Turbine Vibration analysis
Germany Westinghouse W191 Supervise overhaul
UK GE MS9001 Supervise commissioning of all electrical equipment
China GE Frame 6 & Steam Turbine Survey on mechanical drive and generator
USA Solar Saturns Replacement of control system
UK Solar and Pratt & Whitney Supply of spare parts and component repair
USA Solar Centaur Outage work and control system refit
USA Solar Centaur Supply and commissioning of Replacement control system
UK Solar and Pratt & Whitney Supply of spare parts and component repair
Mexico Solar Centaur Hot gas path service
France Solar Centaur Supply of spare parts and component repair
France Solar Saturn Boroscope inspection
Malaysia Westinghouse W251 & 501 Inspection and maintenance
Panama GE Frame 5 Supervise re-assembly after overhaul
UK Solar and Pratt & Whitney Supply of gas turbine generator spares
Ireland RR quad Avon Control & instrumentation maintenance
Peru GE Frame 5P Inspection and preparation for overhaul
Ireland RR Avon Inspection and overhaul
Ireland RR twin Avon Control system supply, installation and commissioning
USA RR Avon Feasibility study for replacement of gas turbine control system
Syria AEG / JBE Frame 5’s Inspection
USA GE LM2500 Procurement and refurbishment of parts
UK RR twin Avon Service of instrumentation and controlsystem
& Avon
Annual control system service and repair
Zambia RR twin Avons Inspection and maintenance of currentcontrol system
& Olympus
Instrumentation maintenance service
UK GEC EM610 Instrument and controls installation and maintenance
UK RR RB211 & Avon Generator control system service
UK RR SK30 Olympus Turbine blade failure investigation and correction recommendation
France Solar and Pratt & Whitney Supply of generator spare parts
UK Ruston GT Control system replacement
UK RR SK30 Olympus Supply and replacement of turbine control system
UK 2 X FRAME9001 E Installation and quality insurance.
UK Power station 2 300MW Major overhaulsteam turbine
UK One V 94.2 Siemens gas Commissioning turbine
UK LM 5000 aeroderivative Inspection and repairgas turbine
UK S X FRAME 9E Commissioning
Nigeria Westinghouse W251B12 Commissioning gas turbine and steam turbine
Saudia Arabia 400MW
Installation and start up Ghazlan Power steam turbine / alternator Plant
Nigeria Various GE gas turbines Relocation
Burma Two frame 5001 Installation and mechanicalgas turbine generators commissioning
Russia 2 gas
compressor stations
Complete installationconsisting of 6 frame units plus
4 x Ruston / GEC generator units
Libya Ingersoll-Rand 1800HP overhaul gas engines, 2 Cooper Bessemer stroke engines up to 16 cylinders John brown steam and Sulzer gas turbine Overhaul
Kuwait On LNG process trains maintenance supervision Consisting of :
Turbodyn steam turbines
Driving Demag Compressor
Ingersoll-Rand Axial flow
Pumps, GEC 100MW gas turbine
Maintenance supervision